This is the place where I will announce all future updates and upcoming additions to New features, site sections, redesigns and improvements will be listed here without having to bundle them into one big, chunky blog article. If anything is moving on, you will read about it here first.

The Big Film Shuffle

December 29, 2014

After compiling my top 10 of the best films I watched this past year, it's time to get down to some serious business. The yearly update of my list of all-time favorites takes a bit more time and effort, but it's a necessary evil as new films are always waiting for a chance to storm the list, just as somewhat disappointing rewatches are pushed back down the ladder.

There are 16 new entries this year, that means another 16 films have dropped from the tables. Five of the new entries are awaiting review, so I'll give priority to those first. After that it's back to the regular schedule of expanding the list 10 films at a time. A full top 250 by the end of 2015 sounds a little improbable right now, but it's at least a nice goal to have.

The new list of 200 entries can be found at its usual spot.

Miss Zombie (049)Kantoku Banzai! (126) [Glory to the Filmmaker!]
Shi Hun (055) [Soul]Tian Bian Yi Duo Yun (153) [The Wayward Cloud]
Moi-bi-woo-seu (064) [Moebius]964 Pinocchio (155)
Kaze Tachinu (076) [The Wind Rises]Himizu (159)
Jigoku de Naze Warui (077) [Why Don't You Play in Hell?]Kimyo na Sakasu (160) [Strange Circus]
Mogura no Uta - Sennyu Sosakan: Reiji (095) [The Mole Song: Undercover Agent Reiji]Cheuat Gon Chim (164) [The Meat Grinder]
Geung Si (138) [Rigor Mortis]Gangu Shuriya (173) [Toy Reanimator]
Grand Budapest Hotel, The (147)Mah Nakorn (174) [Citizen Dog]
Hwal (169) [The Bow]Metropia (175)
Jin Yi Wei (170) [14 Blades]Nihon Bundan: Heru Doraiba (176) [Helldriver]
Delicatessen (no review) (172)Oretachi no Sekai (177) [This World of Ours]
Meikyu Monogatari (no review) (190) [Neo-Tokyo]Nintama Rantaro (180) [Ninja Kids!!!]
Eraserhead (191)Yokai Daisenso (186) [The Great Yokai War]
Fifth Element, The (no review) (194)Yume no Ginga (187) [Labyrinth of Dreams]
Trainspotting (no review) (195)Rokugatsu no Hebi (192) [A Snake of June]
Punch-Drunk Love (no review) (199)Wu Qingyuan (196) [The Go Master]

september 2014 updates

September 10, 2014

The past few weeks I've been tinkering with my design again. The most obvious change is the switch from a black site menu bar to a white one. It's the first time in the 7+ years I'm running this site that I've opted for a dark on light design for my site menu. The reason is mostly due to a growing irritation with the scrolling center part of the site. With a fixed left/right column and only the middle part scrolling, the effect became a little too claustrophobic, hopefully that's a bit better now. I've also removed the pictures from the article list on the blog section, making the page quicker to load and less cluttered.

The movie section has undergone some small updates too. Unreviewed films are now "censored", making it just a tad more exciting to complete the list. I've also added 10 new films, so the list has now grown to 200 movies in total. A nice round number that will take me well into November/December to complete. With 6 more films to review, it might even be the final update to the list this year. Finally some small changes were made to the informative part of each film, making for a tighter design.

Small changes, but hopefully they make the site a bit lighter and less cluttered. The updated movie list is at its usual spot, so check it out!

movie list updated

May 15, 2014

As predicted, it took a while before I got around to adding the next batch of films. But slow and steady progress is progress too and almost three months after the last update I'm happy to announce 10 new films to add to my list of all-time film favorites, making for a total of 180 films.

It's pretty much an Asia exclusive this time around, the two European film that made the cut are Leconte's La Fille sur le Pont and Tarek's Metropia. Apart from that we have three re-entries (Mah Nakorn, Gangu Shurya and Oretachi no Sekai), two animes and some interesting horror additions. In total 4 new films are waiting to be reviewed, while the first review should be ready by next week. So the next update shouldn't be too far ahead.

The updated list is at its usual spot, so check it out!

rip comments

March 27, 2014

Yesterday I took one of the hardest decisions in my six years running this blog. Even though I'm a big supporter of commenting and I still stand by every word I wrote back then, I killed off my comment system. Here's why.

The problems arose a few months back. Due to a changes in Mollom's API (a system to block spam messages) there was a sudden increase in spam comments that were slipping through my filters. The spam bots picked it up right away and they started to target my blog. This resulted in some server trouble, which prompted the server admins to disable comments on their side of the fence.

We invested a little time in the problem but weren't able to solve it right away. I would've been glad to put in some extra effort but there's also another reality I had to face. I don't mind the 1000 spam comments fired at my blog every day, most are stopped by the spam filters anyway, the real problem is the lack of actual comments being made.

Unless you implement systems like Facebook comments or Disqus, people are less inclined to comment nowadays. And even then you need a pretty popular site to generate even a little buzz in the comment section. I could've given it a try, but I'd rather not have these crappy systems on my blog. So that left me with only one option: remove the comment section.

I went for the cold turkey option and removed all traces of comments on my blog, even on older articles. While they still live in the database (so they could be revived at a later time), I chose to remove them everywhere to improve page load and general performance (less css, less html, less database calls).

I would like to give a final thanks to all the people who commented here over the years. It's sad to see this functionality go as I still consider interaction to be one of the most important cornerstones of the web, but you can't fight reality forever. At least I'm still here on my own blog platform (another thing that's dying quickly these days), something I plan to keep on doing for a long time to come.

movie list updated

February 13, 2014

Just two weeks ago I expanded my list of favorite films to 160, with the Braindead review already behind me I can add another 10 films. This time though I will have a lot more work getting everything reviewed as there are quite a few previously unreviewed films entering the list.

In total six older gems (all yearning to be reviewed) are making their way into my list of favorite films. There are two re-entries in the form of About Love and [rec] and two previously reviewed films that finally made the list (Frontière[s] and Cheuat Gon Chim). There's also a bigger variety in nationalities as Japan only delivers two films (Kurenai no Buta and Daiteiden no Yoru Ni) this time around. More than enough reason to check it out I think.

The updated list is waiting for you. Enjoy!

movie list updated

January 31, 2014

It's that time again! Ten new films were added to my list of all-time favourite, largely dominated by older entries that failed to make the cut after one of my yearly updates. That made it an easy update for me as most of the review and entry work had already been done. It also means that the next batch of 10 is right around the corner and can be expected within a month or so.

Shamo and Himizu are new to the list, though I already reviewed both films on this blog before. The only missing review is that of Braindead. While it popped up in my list at the end of last year, the big New Year shuffle prevented me from actually watching it. So there you go, another step towards a list of 200 favorites (which is a rough goal for the end of 2014).

You can check the updated list here. Enjoy!

the film shuffle

December 31, 2013

And so the year is coming to an end. Not just a moment to look back and filter the best films I watched this past year, but also a time to rethink what I consider the best films ever made. I've updated my top list of favorite movies accordingly. A total of 20 new films made the cut, which means another 20 fell off the bottom. No worries though, I'll keep expanding my list in 2014 so I'm pretty sure they'll pop up again.

Below is a list of the new entries and their respective victims. I'm still missing two reviews (Primer and Renaissance), so those will get top priority. After that it's back to expanding the list.

The full list of 150 entries can be found at its usual spot.

Heruta Sukeruta (013) [Helter Skelter]Eraserhead (067)
Petaru Dansu (042) [Pedaldance]Takeshis' (072)
Yi Dai Zong Shi (044) [The Grandmasters]Oretachi no Sekai (097) [This World Of Ours]
Gravity (068)Rubber's Lover (108)
Luan Qing Chun (073) [Beautiful Crazy]964 Pinocchio (113)
Boku to Tsuma no 1778 no Monogatari (093) [1778 Stories Of Me And My Wife]Mah Nakorn (114) [Citizen Dog]
Ikiterumono wa Inainoka (095) [Isn't Anyone Alive?]Tian Bian Yi Duo Yun (119) [The Wayward Cloud]
Sumagura: Omae no Mirai o Hakobe (098) [Smuggler]Sennen Joyu (120) [Millennium Actress]
Sekai de Ichiban Utsukushii Yoru (099) [The Most Beautiful Night In The World]Yokai Daisenso (125) [The Big Spook War]
Autoreiji (111) [Outrage]Gerry (130)
Monsutazu Kurabu (115) [Monster's Club]Gangu Shuriya (132) [Toy Reanimator]
Kotonoha no Niwa (117) [The Garden Of Words][Rec] (133)
Kantoku: Banzai! (126) [Glory To The Filmmaker!]About Love (134)
Upstream Color (130)Haze (138)
My Blueberry Nights (137)Kimyo na Sakasu (140) [Strange Circus]
Renaissance (no review)(139)Tokyo Ken (141) [Tokyo Fist]
Primer (no review) (142)Braindead (no review) (147)
District 9 (145)Balada Triste de Trompeta (148) [The Last Circus]
Where the Wild Things Are (148)Gau Ngao Gau (149) [Dog Bite Dog]
Memorizu (150) [Memories]Akiresu to Kame (150) [Achilles and the Tortoise]

ie7 support dropped

December 30, 2013

Time flies, though sometimes it should be allowed to fly a bit faster. It's about two years ago that I officially dropped support for IE6. Back then I figured IE7 would be quick to follow. I guess I figured wrong though. It took the damn brat two years to finally disappear from my browser stats radar, but now it is finally gone for good.

Should you be one of the very few still visiting this site with IE7, you probably already know that support has been very limited since the last redesign. This sites basically "works" in IE7, that's just about as much effort I put into it. From now on though, I won't even check in the old browser of yonder when I make changes to the design or structure of the site.

So who's up next? Why IE8 of course. Still jumping between 0.5% and 3% (check the new graph on the homepage), I can only hope it will go down faster as IE7. The outlook is rather grim though, as IE8 is the top IE version on XP (which, for some insane reason, is still a popular OS), which means people on XP can't upgrade to a more recent IE. Then again, there's always Firefox, Opera and Chrome.

If you're still using IE8 (or you know people who do), please redeem yourself and help me win my quest. The world will be a better place (and my site will be that little bit leaner for everyone).

movie list updated

October 24, 2013

It took me a little longer than expected, but I was finally able to add another 10 films to my list of all-time favourites. In part this was due to a welcome vacation and the sudden availability of Yawarakai Seikatsu, but also due to a hefty dose of laziness on my part.

Tokyo-Ken finally reappears in the list, the rest of the films are mostly Asian entries with 2 European films and 1 New-Zeeland film to fill in the remaining gaps. I only need to review 4 films this time around, so I suspect I should be ready before the end of the year, right in time for an entire refresh of the current rankings. Something to look forward to.

You can check the updated list here. Enjoy!

blog filter

July 16, 2013

Almost six years ago, when I started, I clearly separated my work-related posts from my personal posts, resulting in three separate blog entries (work, personal and combined). Little by little I removed this distinction. Google doesn't really appreciate two different urls for a single page and with the addition of the features section I couldn't spare the extra space in my main menu. So when I redesigned the site last year, the topic split disappeared altogether (unless you go to the archive that is).

Now it has returned in a different form. When you go to the blog page and you check the overview list of articles you'll find a brand new filter, which allows you to strip away topic-related posts on the fly. The articles that don't belong to the topic are visually pushed back instead of removed from the list entirely (for practical reasons, it would've cost me too much time to make a more thorough implementation). The inactive items are also still clickable, should you for some reason still want to read one of them.

So I hope this is helpful for those of you who are only interested in one part of my writing. I still believe firmly in the separation of my two different personas, but for now this is as far as I can take it.