Naam Yi Boon Sik
2007 / 129m - Hong Kong
Action, Crime, Thriller
Invisible Target poster


September 23, 2013


Naam Yi Boon Sik (Invisible Target) is what happens when all the stars align for director Benny Chan. While the film still can't quite match Hong Kong's best action cinema, it's more than perfect filler with plenty of sumptuous treats for action fans.

Chan brought together some interesting young talent to fill in the main roles. Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue (Shamo) and Jaycee Chan (Jackie's son, amazing in Lee's Adventure and form a trio of good guys who are out to capture Wu Jing's band of criminals. This being a Hong Kong action film there is of course some (sub-par) personal drama to fill in the gaps, but for the greater part the action sequences dominate the film.

Naam Yi Boon Sik is a surprisingly violent film. While Benny Chan is known for his action cinema, usually his films tend to be a bit lighter in tone. Here he opts for darker colors, grittier characters and only a select few moments of comic relief. It's a choice that turns out to be surprisingly effective, giving the film a welcome edge over his other work.

From start to finish, the film is littered with various long-winding action sequences. There are some cool fights, some crazy chases (the rooftop chase is amazing) and a healthy selection of glass-shattering explosions. The breaks in between action scenes are few and far between and while the film is a little lengthy (128 minutes is a bit much for a film like this), it never really stalls or becomes boring.

Benny Chan finds the right balance between fun and grit. Naam Yi Boon Sik may well be his best film so to date. While no match for the best Hong Kong action films out there, it's a great diversion should you want a bit of brainless entertainment.