2016 / 83m - USA
The Wilding poster


November 22, 2021


I feel pretty bad for CiarĂ¡n Foy that this creation made it out into the wild. Apparently it's a 2-hour pilot for a TV series that was never picked up. It was then recut into an 80-minute film, but it's really just a setup for the story. There's no obvious finale, no explanation, no nothing. Just some random characters having to deal with paranormal phenomenon.

There are several storylines here, but none of them comes to a feasible conclusion. A girl who sees ghosts, people who hear voices (citing prime numbers), a man who can talk to the deceased. All these events seem to be happening in the same area, but if you want to know what is going on, you'll have to watch the series that was never made.

Performances are rather poor, the editing is random, there's no tension nor any decent scares. This doesn't even feel like an actual movie, more like a randomized TV series recap (which, in some ways, it was). I'm truly surprised they bothered to release this in its current form. I don't often advise against watching a film, but I will do so here.