Us poster


by Jordan Peele

Not bad, but after two films it's becoming increasingly clear that Peele isn't very good as a horror director. He's a fine writer, he has interested ideas and he's pretty funny, but building up tension really isn't his strong point. There are some fine scenes, the mystery is intriguing, but I never reached the edge of my seat.

Romantics Anonymous poster

Romantics Anonymous

by Jean-Pierre Améris

A very sweet and cute little film. Poelvoorde in a somewhat atypical role, but he handles it very well. Carré is pretty much perfect too. The story of two overly sensitive people crossing each other's paths is endearing, the film looks charming and the romance hits all the right notes. A very lovely surprise indeed.

The Constant Gardener poster

The Constant Gardener

by Fernando Meirelles

A movie with a message. I'm not too familiar with Meirelles' oeuvre, but clearly his approach is way less effective in Africa. The film felt forced, sentimental and pushy. The thriller elements aren't very exciting either, in the end I felt this subject would've worked a lot better as a documentary. Pretty disappointing.

The Green Fog poster

The Green Fog

by Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson, Guy Maddin

Very cheap, lazy and half-arsed cut and paste job. It reminded me of Herzog's Wild Blue Yonder, but the execution is so excruciating that it has to be seen to be believed. Add to that a soundtrack that is completely nerve-wrecking and some terrible attempts at comedy and you have a film that repulses from start to finish.

The Girl on the Train poster

The Girl on the Train

by Tate Taylor

A rather plain thriller. It starts out well enough, but Taylor is too quick to reveal all the important plot points and the puzzle itself really isn't all that interesting, not to say predictable. The actors do a decent job and the film looks nice enough, but the second part of the film is just too by the numbers.

Coco before Chanel poster

Coco before Chanel

by Anne Fontaine

A solid biopic on the early days of the famous designer. Tautou does a fine job, but she's easily outclassed by Poelvoorde. When he disappears from the stage, the film starts to drag a little. Still, a pleasant enough watch that doesn't adhere to the classic rise and falls structure of biopics. That alone is laudable.

Sea of Love poster

Sea of Love

by Harold Becker

A very basic, lifeless thriller. The film puts all the weight on Al Pacino's shoulders, but he doesn't really get beyond his trademark performance. It feels like tried and tested material, executed with very little passion and conviction. It's not a horrible film, but even as filler it doesn't do that well of a job.

Lifeboat poster


by alfred hitchcock

A very typical Alfred Hitchcock production. Put a couple of people in a small boat and let the story play out. But the writing is predictable, the acting is stiff and the thrills are few and far between. In theory this could've been a nice film, in reality it's tepid, dull and boring. Like most of Hitchcock's films really.

How to Pick Girls Up poster

How to Pick Girls Up

by Jing Wong

Vintage Jing Wong. It feels a lot like a film I've already seen, then again Wong made a bunch of similar films around that time. The quality of these films is rather low, but the pacing is nice, the atmosphere is extremely light-hearted and while far from great, they make for an amusing 90 minutes. Decent filler.

Sun Flower poster

Sun Flower

by Luoping Zhang

Visually riveting, but the rest of the film isn't quite up to par. The drama, the acting and the soundtrack are quite overdone, which makes for a confusing watch. There are a few scenes that are absolutely marvellous, but these are mere highlights in a film that's a lot more troubled and confused than it should've been.

Battling Butler poster

Battling Butler

by Buster Keaton

When Keaton cuts down on stunts, the quality of his work drops significantly. He's a decent comedy actor, but his films are way too simple and the comedy too predictable to make much of an impact. Battling Butler is one of Keaton's lesser works, only a handful scenes brought up a smile, the rest was negligible.