I don't write too much about my job on this blog. Of course, there's a whole "work profile" section where I talk about html, css and other job/web related things, but I usually stay clear of mentioning specific projects I'm working on. Today I will make a small exception, since the new portal site of Belgium launched yesterday.

new portal site

When I first started my job at Internet Architects I had little experience with high profile projects. At first it scared me a little bit, being in charge of the html and css of sites with a broad audience. Still, it was an amazing opportunity and I jumped at it without a second thought. Six months later we were chosen to work on the front-end of the new Belgian portal site. I gasped.

Yesterday, the new portal finally launched. If I slow down to think about it, it's still a pretty strange thought that it's (mostly) my html/css on there, sitting on a site that's presenting Belgium to its citizens. I'm still pretty proud of the code on there, though there are of course things I'd do differently, with all experiences gained.

I usually refrain from mentioning my job projects on this blog as most of them have a very little international appeal, this one is an exception. Though the main focus of the site lies on the service for Belgian citizens, a national portal site still compares itself to its surrounding countries.

The site is still not 100% finished (is any site ever?), but you can check it out alive and kicking on the following url: