Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid

1973 / 122m - USA
Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid poster

I haven't enjoyed my trip through Sam Peckinpah's oeuvre so far, but Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid is by far my least favorite film of his. It's exactly what you'd imagine a '70s western to be like. Slow, grungy, and dreary, a serious take on what is essentially a very kitsch and cheesy genre.

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Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid know each other from way back, but when Billy escapes hanging by killing two deputies, the two are pitched against each other. Garrett is hired to catch Billy and bring him to justice. Patt finds himself a posse and starts his journey to track down his old pall.

That's pretty much it. Two guys chasing each other in the old West. I don't care for the setting, didn't care for the characters, or the chase, and I certainly didn't appreciate the slow pacing and longer runtime. There's just nothing here for me, but no doubt fans of westerns and gritty 70s cinema will find plenty to like.