blog resurrection

My vacation is over and that means back to the old routine. After a week of absence I'll be reviving this blog to become the sprawling source of information it once was. Or at least, as sprawling as it was last week.

zombies on the graveyard

Merely a week has passed but for me it feels like an eternity. My girlfriend and I have the rare gift to completely leave our regular lives behind on vacation. Not only are we escaping our work and our home, but also our hobbies and everything beyond. No movies, no music, no internet, none of that. Priority of the day becomes obtaining good seats near the swimming pool and arriving on time for our next excursion. It's extremely refreshing to escape your life like that for a week (or two), but it makes coming home just that little bit harder.

For that reason, it'll probably take a little time for the blog to come up to speed again. You can expect some updates with pics of our vacation and of course some work related stuff on the new Google browser, but I can't promise you regular updates just yet. I'm still recovering from the shock that I have a blog to maintain. I expect everything to return to normal within a week or two.

Until then, bare with me and expect irregular updates. Cheers!