ie6 css fixer v0.4 released

A week after the release of v0.3 we present the next update of the IE6 CSS Fixer tool. v0.4 is a rather minor update, though the new functionality could prove very helpful as the update was asked for by quite a lot of people. We are still working on further improvements, so read on to find out what's changed and what you can expect from us in the future.

what's new

First off, a little improvement was made to the interface of the tool. It was brought to our attention that the subordinates didn't show up when the radio buttons were activated through the input elements themselves (it worked when you clicked the label though), so that is now fixed. Silly little error right there.

More importantly, we added support for the css @import rule. This only applies to the option where you link to an online css file, but since last week's launch quite a few people seem to have switched to working that way. The tool now recognizes the @import rules and follows the links to incorporate the imported css in the fixed code. Multiple levels and multiple @import statements are supported, though they are indeed capped at a certain (high) number to avoid loops and unfeasible high amounts of imports.

Like all other features of the tool, the inclusion of the @import rules is an option rather than a build-in feature. It will pop up when you select the url to an online stylesheet option and will be on by default (as we suspect this will be the most popular option). It is still possible to disable it though.

what's next

Maybe it's feasible to allow the @import option for uploaded files (uploading archives with folder structures), although we're still not quite sure how much that would be used. For now, this idea is still on hold.

Besides that, we are looking to further expand our list of inclusion methods, allowing you to simple give an url to a webpage. The tool should do the rest, fishing out the links to css files, following @import statements and looking for style blocks. Expect the next update of our tool when that is finished.

And again, we are still looking to include new ie6 fixes. Suggestions are as welcome as ever.

that's it for now

So that's about it for v0.4. It's not much when you don't use the online css option, but maybe this might persuade some people to give it a try, as it really broadens the scope of our tool now that @import statements are recognized. So try out v0.4 of the IE6 CSS Fixer.