Every company has problems. Certain types of companies have certain types of problems in common. Some of these problems can be quite ironic.

For those who wouldn't know it yet, I work for a company that specializes in the art of crafting websites. Our focus is not so much on the technical implementation, but more on the architectural side of building a website. The core of our job is to craft websites up until the point where we have functional and accessible html/css/javascript templates, which can then be implemented by one of our partners.

screencap of the site

Ironically, web companies never seem to have time for their own websites. There are always other deadlines to be made, clients to be scouted and events to be attended. Yet still, a good website is the perfect first impression for a web company. For two years, we had a single web page. With one infographic. So we decided to set a good example and we started work on a complete website for our company.

As we all know, crafting a good site takes time and time is something smaller companies lack in great amounts. The site that was launched yesterday is a real good starting point, yet it will be expanded throughout the coming weeks. Still, the result turned out to be satisfactory. It validates, it's accessibility, it looks nice cross-browser and navigation is simple. We were able to hold true to our own principles, which was one of our main goals.

So without much further delay, I gladly present the first real Internet Architects website: