musical journey pt2

Presenting week 2 of my 100 step journey through my favored styles of music. The previous week ran past the more hip-hop oriented tracks in my list, covering all the cross-overs and mixed breeds I like so much. This week's list will start from there and will advance another step towards pure electronic mayhem.

Album cover compilation

For reference, here is the link to the previous part of the list: 01-10

Picking up from where I left off, this week's list includes everything from grime, through the early British IDM scene, passing some odd melodic trance tracks and taking a quick stop at the mid 90s German rave scene. Brace yourself for a fun 50 minutes of melodic goodness.

  1. 011. Dizzee Rascal - Stand up Tall

    Dizzee Rascal cover art

    Rascal is the godfather of grime. A little slower than Durrty Goodz but also a little rawer and unpolished, his tunes ranging from banging to simply fun and upbeat.

  2. 012. eDIT ft The Grouch - Artsy Rmx

    eDIT cover art

    eDIT is a true mixture of hip-hop and electronic, keeping the balance right in the middle and mixing his own unique blend of genres. Though I do prefer his vocal work over his instrumental tracks.

  3. 013. Ilkae - Bovine Arrangements (Setzer Rmx)

    Ilkae cover art

    Snuggly sheltered in the IDM corner, bearing small hip-hop influences, Ilkae is a Merck regular that delivers fine and upbeat melodic electronic. Goes very well with sunshine and blue skies.

  4. 014. Bogdan Raczynski - Why, Why!!

    Bogdan Raczynski cover art

    Raczynski is a breakcore flirt avant la lettre, but his early work went well with the early IDM crowd and still managed to be very cute, melodic and also a tad melancholic.

  5. 015. Chris Clark - Proper LoFi

    Chris Clark cover art

    Clark is an artist that is rather hard to compare to others. His earlier stuff is pretty choatic, IDM-like, melodic, a tad upbeat but also rather melancholic from time to time. And it sounds like no other artist out there.

  6. 016. Brothomstates - Viimo

    Brothomstates cover art

    Brothomstates is the perfect example of down-tempo, early Warp IDM that gave electronic music its original shine. Soft and warm melodies draped over subdued glitchy rhythms, creating almost trance-like patterns.

  7. 017. Orbital - One Perfect Sunrise

    Orbital cover art

    Staying close to Britain, there is no way around Orbital. While One Perfect Sunshine is hardly a typical Orbital track, it does demonstrate their melodic strengths and forms a nice bridge to more straight-forward, trancey dance music.

  8. 018. Dune - Million Miles From Home

    Dune cover art

    Bumping up the happy factor a few notches, we arrive in the "so endearing you can't help but smile" realm of mellow. Dune belongs to the few that actually survived the test of time and so they couldn't be left out of the list.

  9. 019. Ravers World - Paradise of Rave

    Ravers World cover art

    Mmmmm, rave music. Ironically the people into this music weren't all that happy at the time, but as far as happy, trancey and uplifting electronic dance music goes, nothing beats some solid German jumping fun.

  10. 020. Fruits Of God - Lion's Fear (303 Mix)

    Fruits Of God cover art

    Slightly older than the rave formula, Fruits of God is typical dance/trance music from the early 90s. Melodic, still somewhat grungy but already well aware of what works on a dance floor.

looking forward

Next week will see a quick rise to beat adoration. Early hardtrance classics will give way to goa trance, a quick detour past some hefty techno tracks, introducing industrial influences to get to the point where the boundaries between techno and hardcore are seriously fading. Stay tuned.