musical journey pt3

Time flies, so it's time for the third batch of songs. After a rather soft start it is time to move from living room appreciation to a more lively place. This week's batch will drive you right to the middle of the electronic dancefloor, so if you don't like beats I suggest skipping the next couple of weeks, as things are going to go bang for a while to come.

Album cover compilation

For reference, here are links to the previous parts of the list: 01-10, 11-20.

Tying in with last week's finale is some old-style melodic trance. From there on we quickly rise through the more techno and industrial oriented tracks to reach a grinding climax between the realms of techno and hardcore. Time to give that good ole BPM a run for its money, last chance to crank the volume.

  1. 021. 4 Voice - Catching the Scent

    4 Voice cover art

    Good old-fashioned trance, still preceding the boom of '95. Light on the beats and lots of attention paid to tunes and melodies. It's a pretty basic track, but carries plenty of dreamy atmospheres.

  2. 022. Dave Davis - Transfiguration

    Dave Davis cover art

    This is what happens when you add oomp to the trance of yonder. A true Bonzai classic combining melodies with pumping beats. Impressive hard trance which fails to become old.

  3. 023. L'Ange Gabriella - Space Stream

    no album available
    no cover art

    Pushing the trance boundary is goa trance, delivering a more extrovert and flangy combination of strings, claps and beats. Incredible party music that demands maximum volume.

  4. 024. Marco Bailey - Scorpia

    Marco Bailey cover art

    Marco Bailey's earlier stuff is all about taking the dreamy atmosphere out of trance without losing focus of the melodies. And it bangs, pretty hard. Classic track that already hints at Bailey's techno-infused future.

  5. 025. Thomas Bangalter - Outrage

    Thomas Bangelter cover art

    50% of Daft Punk, but Bangalter's solo outings are a lot more techno-oriented. Outrage is taken from the Irreversible soundtrack and is a good example of the mesmerizing power of solid techno.

  6. 026. The Subs - Music Is The New Religion

    The Subs cover art

    Retro electro punk-trance pop. And then some. But mostly very cute, danceable and recognizable party tracks, floating between the worlds of trance, electro and techno.

  7. 027. Gelstat - Lost My Mind

    Gelstat cover art

    French techno anthem, flirting with industrial and hardcore influences. Gelstat carries lots of body and adds just enough distortion to have the dancefloor go wild with raw energy.

  8. 028. Sulphuric Saliva - Overload

    Sulphuric Saliva cover art

    Genius mix of trance and power noise, blending the strengths of melody and grungy basslines to start a mad build-up around halfway through, climaxing somewhere between mad hell and dancefloor heaven.

  9. 029. Sharps Injury - Kestrel

    Sharps Injury cover art

    Cool side project of Keef Baker, blending industrial filters with pounding techno and Baker's own typical style. Hard to categorize, but if you crave music with a big bang, this one's prime choice.

  10. 030. J Lindenthal & R Russino - XT:1B

     Lindenthal & R Russino cover art

    Blissful mix of techno and hardcore, going wild after a good 30 seconds of fooling around. Play loud and feel all thoughts disappear as bass starts to fill the room and neighbors start banging the wall.

will be continued

And this of course is only the beginning. Next week we'll reach the first real climax as we sore to the great heights of pop and hardcore infused breakcore, going for maximum fun and assaulting all sense of good taste in the process. All the more reason not to miss it.