the bigger picture

By thanking my designer and programmers, I left a lot of people in the shadows. The former are of course the people who physically helped to build my blog, but there are many more who contributed to the realisation of this site. It would be rude not to thank you, so I conclude this round of appreciation posts with a big thanks to all who have helped me in getting this site up and running.

bowing to all who have helped me

Everyone needs a backbone

They say that behind every strong or powerful man is a strong woman. I'm not claiming to be strong, nor powerful, but I will never be able to put the blame on my girl. She is my most direct inspiration to go out and make this blog. I admire her direct approach of getting things done, something I often lack, but hope to pick up in the future. Planning and thinking only get you so far, going out and doing things makes sites like these happen.

She also gave me the strength to push on and actually finish a personal project. A first for me, and I owe a lot to her for making it happen. Thank you, and know that my thanks will extend from the digital world to our private one. That's a promise.

Feeding on opinions

I work for a company that specializes in front-end architecture, design and usability. Needless to say there were plenty of people I could harass, asking for opinions on all sorts of matters. Many of you were busy with other things (as you always are), but you always spared the time to listen to my questions, and answered them as well as possible.

I didn't always agree with your advice, but each and every opinion counted. It helped me to understand many different perspectives, something that by itself is immensely valuable. Even when I didn't agree or was just too stubborn to change anything, those opinions always helped to form a solid argument that only strengthened my choices.

Replacing walls with faces

And finally, everyone who was just there to listen to me, going on about my blog. Somehow you never got tired of me, or were at least decent enough not to show it publicly. Simply talking about things will often lead to unexpected revelations, and it's always nicer to talk to a face than to a wall. So thanks for listening. It helped.

So what is next

As for now, this will be the last global article I write. My next objective is to post some articles within the personal and work sections, making the difference between both profiles a bit more useful and obvious. Expect more updates after the weekend.