vacation 2008

Well, it seemed to be taking forever, but vacation finally arrived. The next two weeks of my life will be fully dedicated to laziness, chilling and generally not working. Hear hear!

the blue sky I'd love to be seeing

Sadly I'll be spending the first week all by myself, as my darling is still slaving away at her job. This means I'll be mostly restricted to slouching around town, watching movies and even clean up the house a bit. You might also see a few irregular updates, as the weather here remains sucky as hell and even left me with a nasty cold (in August, go figure).

I'll probably be responding to comments and might even be checking up on my mail from time to time, but don't be mad when I appear dead for longer than you expected. Then, when August 26th hits we are leaving this godforsaken anti-summer country. I will be a week away from everything that has to do with computers and the web, a very welcome change of scenery that I long for every year. We'll be hitting Zakynthos (a little Greek island) for about a week, after that it's back to our regular lives.

So don't worry if things quiet down here for the next two weeks, it's all normal. Regular activity will resume after that and the world will be back to its old self again. But I'm not thinking about that yet, for now it's all blue skies and silky beaches. Cheers!