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Alive and kicking



2019 / 91m - UK
Comedy, Drama
Denmark poster

A dramedy ... that works. They are pretty rare, which is all the more reason to cherish this film. It might be because the comedy is pretty dry, or maybe because Rafe Spall manages an unpleasant character without being unsympathetic. Regardless, director Shergold hits all the right notes.

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A depressed 34-year-old Welshman has nothing more to live for. But by sheer luck, he catches a TV program about Danish prison life, which appears to be a lot better than the Welsh healthcare system. And so he decides to go to Denmark, commit a crime and get himself locked up behind bars.

It's a daft enough premise and the comedy is definitely there, though it is pretty dry and deadpan. The performances are great and the dramatic/romantic threads never feel too forced or obtrusive. Denmark isn't the type of film that stands out too much, but it does everything remarkable well. Good stuff.