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The Boy and the World

O Menino e o Mundo
2013 / 80m - Brazil
Adventure - Animation
The Boy and the World poster

A quirky little Brazilian animation. The Boy and the World reminded me a little of Ohira's Wanwa (Genius Party Beyond), only lacking that film's technical mastery. The art style is somewhat similar though, and the structure of the film (basically a voyage of a little boy) very much alike.

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There isn't that much plot or cohesion here. A young boy is looking for his parents and sets off on a long trip, that takes him about the entire length of the film. It's more about the places he visits and the people he meets, a veritable road movie in that respect, only without dialogue and with more fantastical settings.

The art style is nice, with some nifty variations in techniques. The music is quirky, but gets a little repetitive over time and there isn't really enough plot to support the runtime. There are also moments with simplistic social critique that don't really fit in with the rest. Overall though, a film worth watching. There's a lot of imagination and wonder to discover here.