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Ana by Day

Ana de Día
2018 / 110m - Spain
Ana by Day poster

An intriguing little mystery that did an excellent job keeping me on my toes. It's one of those rare films that seems unbothered to play by its own rules, setting up a mystery only to abandon it for almost half a film, while still making sure the slightly uncanny and uncomfortable feeling lingers throughout.

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Ana is living a pretty safe and sheltered life, until one day a doppelgänger infiltrates her world and completely replaces her. Suddenly Ana's old world is no more, though she soon finds this newfound freedom has a liberating effect. She gets a new haircut, starts work as a burlesque dancer and begins a passionate affair with one of her fans.

While Ingrid García Jonsson is a great lead, it's director Jaurrieta who deserves most of the credits. The cinematography is a bit uneven (some scenes look gorgeous, others are a little plain), but the soundtrack easily makes up for that, adding oodles of atmosphere and keeping things tense from start to finish. A very nice surprise and well worth seeking out.