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Zone 414

2021 / 98m - Ireland
Sci-fi, Thriller
Zone 414 poster

Pretty basic genre fare. Zone 414 is a film that royally borrows from Blade Runner, but doesn't really have the budget to do its sci-fi world justice. And so, there are many drawn-out conversations and some copycat world building that drag the film down. There are still some interesting bits though, so sci-fi fans should probably give it a go anyway.

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David is a former cop who gets hired by the CEO of an android-producing company to retrieve his daughter. She fled to Zone 414, a place where humans and androids live together. The first thing David needs to do is to seek out Jane, an android who doesn't quite restrict herself to her programmed routines.

Pearce is surprisingly weak, Lutz is better but isn't given all that much to work with. Some settings are moody, Baird does his best to bring the place to life and the second half does add some intrigue, but the film never really escapes the shadow of its big brothers. Decent sci-fi filler, but I'd hoped for a bit more.