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1938 / 89m - UK
Comedy, Romance
Pygmalion poster

An early version of My Fair Lady, one that is mostly focused on the story and simply trots through the narrative. I watched the musical not too long ago, so the story was still quite fresh. That made Pygmalion pretty dull, even though it's quite a bit shorter and doesn't come with musical interludes.

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Eliza Doolittle is a poor but street smart flower seller who bumps into professor Higgins. He sees in her a project and enters a bet with a friend of his. The goal is to turn Eliza into a proper lady, someone who could walk among the member of high society without being found out.

The performances are plain, the story is familiar, the romance doesn't work too well and the film isn't very humorous, nor dramatic. It's just a plain story told over the course of 90 minutes. Not my kind of cinema, certainly not when it's almost a century old. I'll take the musical over this.