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The Girl with the Red Scarf

Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalim
1978 / 90m - Turkey
The Girl with the Red Scarf poster

Turkish cinema, much like its Bollywood counterpart, has a pretty bad international reputation. There's dedicated local support, but too many cultural barriers to appeal to a broader audience. There's certainly some Western bias there, that said, some of these Turkish classics really are quite terrible. The Girl with the Red Scarf is a perfect example.

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Asya had a strict upbringing, still she falls for the advances of Ilyas, a real ladies man. The two fall in love and get married, a marriage that grants them a son. It doesn't take long before their relationship starts showing cracks and when Ilyas meets a new woman, he leaves Asya and his son behind.

The film offers little beyond its bland little romance. The cinematography is extremely functional, the soundtracks is a wreck, performances are poor, and the emotional drama is really hard to get into because of the horrible characters. There's very little to like here, beyond the relatively short runtime and semi-decent pacing.