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24 Hours to Live

2017 / 93m - USA
24 Hours to Live poster

Basic but decent action flick. It copies the premise of Crank, but lacks the balls to the wall direction of Neveldine and Taylor to turn it into a masterpiece. That doesn't mean it's a bad film though, just that it's safer and more predictable genre fare. Good filler for those who are craving a little onscreen action.

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Hawke plays a killer for hire who gets liquidated, but is given another 24 hours to live. More than enough time to get back at the people who put him in this dire situation and help a few others to atone for his past sins. There's also a bit of fringe drama, but that's just boring filler in between all the explosive bits.

The direction is pretty solid, the pacing is fine and the performances are on point. Nothing really sticks out as exceptional, but there are no obvious weak points either, unless you dislike action films with a minor sci-fi touch. 24 Hours to Live delivered exactly what I expected from it, and sometimes that's enough.