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Killer Book Club

El Club de los Lectores Criminales
2023 / 89m - Spain
Killer Book Club poster

A pretty fun, but basic Spanish slasher. Considering all the meta elements, it's a film that lies closer to the 90s-era slasher than its 80s relative, but as the 90s revival is in full force these days that's to be expected. It's certainly not the most original film, but with Halloween right around the corner, it's the perfect horror filler.

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When Angela's teacher makes sexual advances, she and her friends feel it best to take revenge on him for his inappropriate behavior. They plan to scare him, but the prank runs out of hand and Angela's teacher dies. The gang covers up their tracks, but then a mysterious writer appears, targeting Angela and her friends.

There's a definite Scream vibe running through the film, just with a few more contemporary touches. The pacing is solid, the scares and costumes are fun and the cinematography is colorful. The plot isn't the strongest part of the film and the twists left me cold, but other than that, good entertainment.