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Alive and kicking


Moon Man

Du Xing Yue Qiu
2022 / 122m - China
Comedy, Sci-fi
Moon Man poster

Not the worst of the current wave of Chinese blockbusters. Sentimental drama seems to be dominating their charts these days, so I was glad to find a relatively light mix of comedy and sci-fi. Yes, there is some drama, and no, it doesn't work very well, but at least it's pretty easy to overlook.

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A somewhat inconspicuous man is working on a project to save Earth from an impending meteorite crash. The plan fails and while everyone is evacuating the moon base they are stationed, the man is left behind all by himself. The meteorite wrecks Earth, and his misadventures at the base become the sole ray of light mankind has to uplift their spirits.

Moon Man is silly, sometimes to a fault. The sci-fi elements never seem to make too much sense, but at least the comedy works well and the first hour is perfect entertainment. The quality takes a little dip after that, which wasn't entirely unexpected, but it's a shame they couldn't just make a fun comedy for a change. Not too bad though.

Never Say Die

Xiu Xiu De Tie Quan
2017 / 100m - China
Comedy, Sport
Never Say Die poster

Mainstream Chinese comedy. These films tend to do pretty well locally, there isn't too much international appeal though. Maybe it is because they are extremely formulaic, maybe because the star power isn't there yet, or maybe this is just lazy cinema that Hollywood can provide on its own. You're not missing much by just skipping this.

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Edison is a washed-up MMA fighter who makes an extra buck throwing fights, Xiao is a reporter who is on to his little scheme. After a mysterious incident they switch bodies. Through Edison's life, Xiao discovers more than she ever would have in her own body, but to reach her goal she'll have to win an MMA tournament.

So this is just a very basic body-switching comedy with some sports elements thrown in. The cinematography is well above average for this type of film, but that's just about all that stands out. The performances are rather weak, the plot is dull, and the comedy lacks anything distinctive. Just bid budget fluff, not the worst of its kind, but hardly great.