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Devil Seed

2012 / 108m - Canada
Devil Seed poster

Kingdom Come

2014 / 97m - Canada
Horror, Mystery
Kingdom Come poster

A pretty derivative horror flick. I've already seen the exact same story countless times before, which is a problem when a film is presented as a mystery. Five minutes in and I had a pretty good idea of what was going on, even though the characters didn't find out until the very end.

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This is a pretty straight-forward genre flick though, so execution is key. Sadly Kingdom Come doesn't score any points there either. Performances are really drab, the film looks dead cheap and the kills are poor and unoriginal. Sager simply goes through the motions, seemingly content with delivering bottom shelf genre filler.

The film's only redeeming element is the creature design. Maybe not 100% convincing, but at least the monsters looked pretty freaky. That's hardly enough to warrant a recommendation, so unless you're really starved for horror films there's not much reason to give this film a try. Pretty poor.