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War on Everyone

2016 / 98m - UK
Crime, Comedy
War on Everyone poster

War on Everyone certainly doesn't have the most original setup, instead this little film about two vigilante cops trying to rid the world of organized crime scores points on execution. It's a film that hinges its success on the delivery of the comedy, and McDonagh (together with his leads) aces that part.

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Bob and Terry are two cops with a reputation. Though they get cased solved from time to time, they do it by accepting bribes or applying excessive violence. They've got a decent operation going, but then they bump into James Mangan, a criminal mastermind who is even nastier than they are.

Peña and Skarsgård are a great duo, the writing is funny, and the direction is pretty slick. It's probably not the best recommendation if you don't like boorish cops and crude comedy, and you shouldn't expect the world of this film, but if you're looking for some funny crime business, War on Everything has you covered.