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Wrath of Daimajin

Daimajin GyakushĂ»
1966 / 87m - Japan
Adventure, Fantasy
Wrath of Daimajin poster

The third and final part in the Daimajin trilogy. This one is a bit more adventurous compared to the first two, though the setup still remains the same. That means you won't be seeing Daimajin spring into action until the final 20 minutes, which is still a damn shame. At least the rest of the film's a bit more enjoyable.

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Unsuspecting villagers are enslaved by Lord Arakawa to work in the sulfur pits. The children take it upon themselves to try and free their fathers, but the trek through the mountains is pretty treacherous. Luckily they get a little help from the big stone God, who ones again rises to fight for the fate of the innocent.

This was easily the best-looking entry in the series. The snowy scenes in the mountain were pretty great and the finale was by far the most impressive of the three films. It's a shame that there's not quite enough variation in structure between the films, as it all felt a little too predictable the third time around. This was good kaiju fun though, definitely recommended for fans of the genre.