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Space Oddity

2022 / 92m - USA
Comedy, Romance
Space Oddity poster

A simple but cute rom-com. There's a quirky, somewhat goofy premise, a cast of genuinely enjoyable characters, and a pleasant (though predictable) structure. Sure enough, there's a little drama too, but it never overpowers the other elements and it doesn't get in the way of the good vibes.

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Alex has only one wish: he wants to leave Earth and colonize Mars. He's been chosen to join a private expedition, and so he does everything in his power to make his dream come true. When he applies for life insurance, he meets Daisy, a young woman who just moved into town.

Apart from the rather unique premise, Space Oddity is a film that sticks to conventions. You don't really have to worry about the outcome, the drama is light and the presentation is cozy and fluffy. The most important thing is that it works though, with Allen and Shipp as a lovely lead duo. Fun and cute.