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Alive and kicking



2021 / 103m - USA
Fantasy, Drama
Bliss poster

This was a bit of a weird one. I wasn't a terribly big fan of Cahill's earlier films, nor did I expect too much from a film headlined by Wilson & Hayek. And while Bliss certainly has its rough patches, it kept me the entire length in suspense, sligthly baffled at what exactly I was witnessing. That surely counts for something.

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The recently divorced Greg is struggling with his life. Things don't get better when he accidentally kills his boss, who just fired him seconds earlier. Greg escapes the place of the crime and runs into a mysterious woman. She tells him the whole world is fake, a simulation where only a few people are real.

Cahill is smart to never reveal the true reality of the film, the soundtrack is well above average and Wilson does a good job for an actor best known for doing (safe) comedy. Hayek isn't up to par and not all the drama works equally well, but this peculiar blend of urban fantasy (it's not really sci-fi, is it?) and drama was pretty interesting.

I Origins

2014 / 106m - USA
Drama, Sci-fi
I Origins poster

Another Earth

2011 / 92m - USA
Drama, Romance, Sci-fi
Another Earth poster