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One of the most unlikely directors working in the French movie industry today. A lover of the absurd who worked himself up from being a one-trick pony to a bona fide certitude. If you like dry, weird and absurd comedy, look no further.


Keep an Eye Out

Au Poste!
2018 / 73m - France
Keep an Eye Out poster

Dry and absurd little comedy that keeps things very small. Poelvoorde and Ludig are amazing, Dupieux's direction is on point and the short running time makes sure the film doesn't overstay its welcome. This is not one of Dupieux's more outrageous efforts, but it's every bit as funny, witty and surprising as his other films.


2014 / 87m - France
Reality poster

The less you know about this film, the more fun it will be experiencing the absurdities it throws at you.

Smoking Causes Coughing

Fumer Fait Tousser
2022 / 76m - France
Comedy, Sci-fi
Smoking Causes Coughing poster

Where to even begin? The absurdist comedy of Dupieux has found its way to both genre and arthouse fans, a rare feat indeed. Smoking Causes Coughing is a dry parody of the Tokusatsu niche (think Power Rangers), but that doesn't even begin to describe what Dupieux has in store for his audience. A mix of monster cheese, wonky sci-fi, and horror rambles on, often reminiscent of the statement he made so eloquently in his breakthrough film Rubber: no reason. It's a small miracle his films find funding these days, it's a complete mystery how they find praise, but I'm not complaining. I love every single on of them.


2020 / 77m - France
Comedy, Fantasy
Mandibles poster

After a couple of films where Dupieux seemed to be fine-tuning and every so slightly downplaying the absurdity, Mandibles goes full retard once again. While the elevator pitch of this film sounds pretty insane, I think the real genius lies in the ways Dupieux normalizes the whole idea and tries to draw his laughs from other places. Weird, absurd and a total head scratcher, but it sure made me laugh. Out loud. But be warned, it's somewhat of an acquired taste.


2010 / 82m - France
Comedy, Horror
Rubber poster

No doubt Dupieux's film is going to reach a substantial audience based on its trailer and some good hype alone.


2012 / 94m - USA
Wrong poster

With Wrong Dupieux delivers a refreshing slice of absurd comedy that few other directors out there are able to match.

Incredible But True

Incroyable Mais Vrai
2022 / 74m - France
Comedy, Mystery
Incredible But True poster

Dupieux seems unstoppable these days. He cranks out films at an impressive pace, and while they're all absurd comedies in some way or another, they never feel derivative or repetitive. Incredible But True forces two oddball storylines together, has a bit of fun testing the audience's patience, delivers a couple of perfect punchlines, and strides through the finale at a breakneck speed. A quirky soundtrack and some great performances seal the deal. Not one of his best films, but tons of fun regardless, and an easy recommendation for fans of Dupieux's other work.


Le Daim
2019 / 77m - France
Comedy, Mystery
Deerskin poster

Think Audition, because the first half is just a little underwhelming. There is some measure of absurdity present, but it feels a little tame and manageable. Then things spiral well out of control during the second half, which makes it all the more fun. Well acted and crazy, probably the most doofy serial killer flick ever.


2023 / 67m - France
Comedy, Thriller
Yannick poster

This is a shorter/smaller Dupieux project, but even those turn out to be top-notch. The premise is simple and Dupieux makes sure not to stretch it beyond its limits. He goes for the laughs and adds a bit of reflection to it, and one hour later it feels like you've watched something truly unique and distinct, the kind of thing only Dupieux could bring to a good end. The performances are strong, the setup is powerful and the execution is spot on. It's not his best or most memorable work, but it fits well in his oeuvre and it offers exactly what you expect from a Dupieux film without feeling derivative. Good stuff.

Wrong Cops

2013 / 83m - USA
Comedy, Crime
Wrong Cops poster


2007 / 82m - France
Comedy, Sci-fi
Steak poster

Early Dupieux. His style is starting to shine through here, although it isn't as mad or absurd as his later work. There are some funny ideas, the actors are doing a good job and Dupieux's soundtrack is a definite asset, but it lacks the refinement and originality of the films that would raise his cult status.


2002 / 48m - France
Comedy, Mystery
Nonfilm poster

A very early Quentin Dupieux (short) film. If you're a fan of the man's work it's definitely worth seeking out, as many of his signature elements are already present here. Still, it's all very rough and it's clear Dupieux was just testing the waters with this film, wondering whether this director business was something he'd like to pursue.

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Nonfilm follows a film crew on set. The title is pretty appropriate, because it doesn't take long before the director doesn't have enough people left to shoot an actual film. That doesn't stop him though, even when the camera and sound crew are gone he continues to "shoot" his film. Talk about dedication.

Dupieux is known for his absurd comedies and Nonfilm neatly checks all the boxes. Sadly the camera work feels a bit cheap (documentary-style handycam work doesn't really fit here), the actors are rather poor and the material is too limited, even though Nonfilm only lasts 48 minutes. Still, I had a couple of good chuckles with this one.