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The Outwaters

2022 / 110m - USA
The Outwaters poster

Vintage found footage horror. The Outwaters does nothing new (though it prides itself on not using any special effects whatsoever), so you should have a good idea of what you're getting yourself into. After a rather long introduction, things get crazy and cameras start swinging. The scary part is not knowing exactly what is happening.

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Four young people take a trip to the Mojave desert. They are out there to shoot a music video, with some sightseeing on the way up there. The first day goes well, but then strange things start happening at night and the group finds themselves struggling to survive an unknown enemy.

The four main characters aren't that interesting, so the long intro was a bit unnecessary. The second half of the film is one big, frantic clusterfuck. Things get weird and it's hard to make out what exactly is happening. The film is pretty stingy with hints too, so people hoping for a clear conclusion shouldn't even bother. I had a pretty solid time, but I've seen better.