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Alive and kicking


Love in Space

Quan Qiu Re Lian
2011 / 100m - China
Comedy, Romance
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The Bravest

Lie Huo Ying Xiong
2019 / 118m - China
The Bravest poster

Chinese disaster flick that pays homage to firefighters. A big oil storage goes up in flames and threatens to destroy the entire city, several teams of firefighters try to keep the blazing inferno under control. Safe to say, not everyone is going to come out alive and sacrifice for the greater good is one of the main themes of the film.

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If you think Hollywood films tend to be too patriotic and/or heroic, it's best to stay for away from The Bravest. It gets beyond ridiculous here, with lots of posed shots, cheesy music and bland drama piling up in an attempt to make every moment even more heroic than the previous one.

The action scenes are pretty decent, but there's simply too much false drama and the film slows down way too often to accentuate how brave these people really are. It's a cheap way to stretch a film to the 120-minute mark, it's no surprise then that the second half starts to drag. This could've been fun, but the result is highly uncomfortable.