Paddleton poster


by Alex Lehmann

When Ray Romano joined one of the Duplass brothers to headline a film, it could only mean one thing: Romano needed his dramady moment. And that's exactly what you're getting. A simple, by the book dramady that proves Romano doesn't really cut it as a dramatic actor. Not terrible, but terribly generic.

Revolutionary Road poster

Revolutionary Road

by Sam Mendes

Terribly grave and overstated drama. Both Winslet and DiCaprio act as if their lives are weighed down by an unbearable sadness, but the drama simply doesn't support that. It's a decently made film, but in the end I didn't feel much for these characters, which clearly wasn't Mendes' intention. Pretty average overall.

Captain Marvel poster

Captain Marvel

by Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck

Generic Marvel production that fails to add anything to 15 years of Marvel blockbusters. A lame plot, tepid characters, obligatory 90s references and mismatched directors make this a pointless introduction to Captain Marvel's character. Nothing more than a 120 minute excuse to add her to the Avengers roster.

Murder Party poster

Murder Party

by Jeremy Saulnier

Saulnier's first isn't half bad. It's a quirky horror flick with some solid black comedy and a couple of funny ideas, sadly it's also a no budget film unable to escape its no budget roots. Murder Party is short and amusing, but also a bit cheap and easy. Not his best work, but if you like a good black comedy, worth checking out.

Miss Minoes poster

Miss Minoes

by Vincent Bal

A fun film that is somewhat reminiscent of Roald Dahl adaptations and the work of Jean-Pierre Jeunet, though the execution isn't quite there. The acting is pretty bad, so are the talking cats, but ignore that and it's a sweet, short and at times charming little film, even though it comes off as quite cheap in places.

Last Sunrise poster

Last Sunrise

by Wen Ren

China is finally getting into the sci-fi game. Last Sunrise plays like a mix of Boyle's 28 Days Later and Sunrise, although the tone of the film is more solemn and introspective. Wen Ren serves a nice blend of small drama and exciting sci-fi, just don't expect too much in the way of action and grand effects.

Suspiria poster


by Luca Guadagnino

Atrocious remake of Argento's cult classic. Gone is the extravagant styling, Guadagnino opts for drab and lifeless colors, an incomprehensible focus on plot and some cheap giallo nods. But worst of all is that the horror elements are completely laughable, embarrassing even. One of the worst remakes ever.