Jack Reacher: Never Go Back poster

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

by Edward Zwick

These Jack Reacher films just aren't very good. A bland mix of thriller and action elements, a struggling Tom Cruise and some mis-directed drama make this quite a chore to watch. Zwick's direction doesn't add anything either, which makes you wonder why they even bothered making this film. Bad filler.

The Swordsman of All Swordsmen poster

The Swordsman of All Swordsmen

by Joseph Kuo

Basic and somewhat crude martial arts flick. The plot is a copy or template (almost impossible to say with these films), then again who watches these films for the plot. Sadly the action is a bit stiff and the drama overdone. A nice finale doesn't quite make up for the mediocrity that comes before. Not great.

Climax poster


by Gaspar Noé

Gaspar Noé and Benoît Debie are finally reunited again. Climax isn't quite as intense as Noé's best films, but it's far more intense that most of the other films out there. A great soundtrack, mad cinematography and a dire descent into madness make this a film that needs to be experienced rather than understood.

Up among the Stars poster

Up among the Stars

by Zoe Berriatúa

Sweet, imaginative and creative film about a washed-up dad/director who fails to take proper care of his son. It's a solid blend of drama and fantasy that delivers on both counts. The visual effects are a little lacking, which does take away from the fantasy, but it's a minor quirk with minor impact. Recommended.

Terrified poster


by Demián Rugna

In essence a very simple horror film, but with some very well thought out and original ideas. Don't expect anything too out of the ordinary, but this is not your average Insidious clone either. Some tense moments, creepy designs and a solid soundtrack seal the deal. Recommended if you're looking for a fun horror.

Close poster


by Vicky Jewson

A very capable and amusing hostage thriller. Rapace and Nélisse are a fine team and Jewson is very confident behind the cameras. It's not a very original film and the ending is hardly noteworthy, but there are some very tight action scenes along the way and the film never really slows down. Pretty good.

The Assassin Swordsman poster

The Assassin Swordsman

by Siu-Tung Ching

Rather horrendous TV movie. Even though there's enough talent on board, the film looks as if it was shot on a 5 dollar budget. While extremely dynamic and eventful, the martial arts and visual effects don't look the part, making it a very cheap and dull experience. Only for true fans of the genre, others shouldn't bother.

Hold the Dark poster

Hold the Dark

by Jeremy Saulnier

Gritty and icy thriller that makes the best of its surroundings and cleverly alternates between solemn scenes and gruesome action. It's what Saulnier does best. For an even higher score it should've been that little extra atmospheric, but as it is the film gripped me from the start and didn't let go until the very end.