1/2 Mensch
1986 / 48m - Japan
Documentary, Music
1/2 Man poster


June 12, 2015


Pure Ishii punk. But also a lot of Einst├╝rzende Neubauten of course. A peculiar project where Ishii takes a location and a band and tries to construct a visual poem with them. At times, it felt a bit too much like a stage performance (only without an audience), but when it becomes more abstract it does show a lot of potential.

Think of it as an Umfeld avant-la-lettre, only with a huge dose of 80s industrial and noize. The problem is that I don't have that much with the latter. The music was a little underwhelming, the vocals were just terrible and the impact wasn't nearly as impressive as it was clearly meant to be.

The location (an abandoned factory) was cool (though a bit predictable) and the industrial vibe comes across pretty well, it's just that it all feels a bit tame by modern standards. I'm sure I would've loved this 30 years ago, for its time it's also a very cool project, but give just me some modern-day industrial techno instead.