2004 / 98m - USA
Romance, Fantasy
13 Going on 30 poster


July 29, 2021


A pretty typical romcom, that takes a slightly fantastical premise (a 13-year-old girl wakes up in the body of her 30-year-old future self) for some basic comedy and romance, with a little morality boosting to boot. It's up to Jennifer Garner to make this film work, but she's simply not a big comedic talent.

Jenna is 13, but doesn't really fit in with the rest of her classmates. The only person that really talks to her is Matt, but he's somewhat of an outcast himself. Jenna wishes she was grown up already, the next morning her dream comes true. Only then she realizes that she doesn't really like her future self.

Apart from some tedious life lessons that are probably best ignored altogether, the film tries to play up the romance between Jenny and Matt. Ruffalo does a decent job, but Garner just isn't all that likeable. The comedy is pretty poor, the soundtrack is cringe worthy and the film is hopelessly predictable. Not my cup of tea.