1970 / 52m - UK
7 Plus Seven poster


September 19, 2020


The second entry in the 7 Up series. The kids are now 14 years old, which means they're at a more interesting age already. While the concept of the docs is very intriguing, the first part was held back by somewhat boring subjects who didn't have much to say beyond the typical childish babble. Normal when you're dealing with regular kids, but that doesn't make it fun to watch.

Now that they're a bit older and a bit wiser to the world, most of the kids have more interesting things to say. Their opinions are still quite crass and unrefined, but that's what you can expect from kids their age. It was a pretty good choice to keep this entry quite short too, though it's already a good 10 minutes longer than the first one.

The documentary is at its best when it confronts the kids with earlier answers, especially when they've made serious U-turns, or when they've simply grown up and show a better understand of the world they live in. It's all a bit expected, also not that insightful, but still quite fun to watch.