20-Seiki Nosutarujia
1997 / 93m - Japan
20th Century Nostalgia poster


August 11, 2022


An interesting time capsule experiment. It's funny to watch this film a quarter of a century after its initial release when its nostalgia appeal is finally in full effect. 20th Century Nostalgia isn't a film about looking back at the past, it is a film about documenting the now, so people could feel nostalgic about it later. It's also a cute little video diary about love, where both aspects live happily together.

Anzu and Toru spend the summer together working on a film. But then Toru suddenly leaves for Australia and Anzu is left to finish the film alone. She struggles to end the project and is on the verge of abandoning it altogether, when looking through all the tapes they shot finally reveals some hidden truths about their relationship.

What appeared to be a Hirosue vanity project is actually a very sweet and touching film that documents the summer of two kids finding themselves through the shoot of a daft little amateur film. The acting is fine, the pacing solid and even though the start is a bit rocky, the film really grew on me. 90s nostalgia isn't even necessary to appreciate this one, but it does help. A fine discovery.