1957 / 92m - USA
3:10 to Yuma poster


November 26, 2022


A classic western, one that stuck with the black & white styling even though most of its contemporaries were in color by then. On paper, I didn't mind at all, since the drab and uninviting color scheme of your average western is one of the reasons I dislike the genre. The b&w cinematography didn't really help though.

Ben Wade and his gang rob a coach and kill one of the guards. After the successful heist, they go to the nearest village, where they celebrate. Wade's gang moves on to Mexico, but Wade himself remains in the village with his girlfriend. A decision that he'll soon regret when he gets arrested.

This is the type of quintessential western I really don't care for. The characters are very dull, the plot is boring, the pacing is slow and the setting very uninviting. There's just nothing here that can hold my attention for longer than five minutes, which made it quite an ordeal to finish.