USA [1990] - 104m
Directed by
Emile Ardolino
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Three Men and a Little Lady poster


October 10, 2021


Three Men and a Baby is a film that really didn't need a sequel, but since the first one turned out to be quite successful, a follow-up was inevitable. And so the baby became a young toddler, which gives the makers an excuse to revisit the same premise. The result is even worse than the first one.

Sylvia is still raising her daughter with the three bachelors. Work is taking a lot of her time, to make matters worse Sylvia decides to move to the UK, where she'll marry a rich English gentleman. At first the men are glad they can finally reclaim their freedom, but it soon dawns on them that they miss Sylvia and Mary.

The comedy is terrible (with the three "rapping men" scene being a true insult to good taste), the plot is bland and the performances don't save the film either. It's one of those family-friendly rom-coms that isn't really aimed at anyone in particular. A film best forgotten, though I'm pretty sure that won't be too difficult.

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