1954 / 103m - USA
3 Ring Circus poster


May 30, 2022


A Martin/Lewis collaboration that had somehow escaped me until now. While I'm not a hardcore fan of their work, they are a pretty fun duo and this circus-based film is a pretty good (albeit logical and easy) fit for the duo. Though a bit too long, there are some fun moments that illustrate why they became so famous together.

Jerry and Pete are done with the army, for their new career they chose the circus. They're given odd jobs to start, but Jerry's big dream is to become a clown. Pete on the other hand feels more for running the circus, the two of them quickly make an impression and start working towards their goals.

Jerry Lewis as Jerrico the clown and Dean Martin as the women-hungry Pete, no doubt these roles weren't very hard to write. The duo is in good form and there are enough laughs scattered throughout the film, though it wouldn't have hurt to cut 15 minutes, and the ending is quite sudden and extremely convenient. Decent.