2012 / 89m - USA
Comedy, Romance
3, 2, 1... Frankie Go Boom poster


January 06, 2021


A quirky little romcom. Not the sappy Hollywood stuff that tries to be as mellow and agreeable as possible, but an edgier comedy that throws in a bit of romance just to keep the narrative going. I didn't expect that much going in, but was pleasantly surprised by Jordan Roberts' second film.

Frank returns home to celebrate his brother Bruce getting out of rehab. The two have grown apart, but Frank is willing to make an effort to mend past disagreements. Bruce is still pretty irresponsible though, and when he films Frank having a rather embarrassing one-night stand, the shit hits the fan.

Hunnam and O'Dowd are great (though it's a shame the latter had to drop his accent), Perlman and Caplan are also pretty memorable. There are some solid jokes, the comedy is quite dry and the romance never feels cheesy. The film isn't that long either and the pacing is on point. Very agreeable filler.