Also known as
Mata Batin 2
Indonesia [2019] - 116m
Directed by
Rocky Soraya
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The 3rd Eye 2 poster


November 15, 2020


Rocky Soraya is quickly establishing himself as one of the primary horror directors of Indonesia. He set up two horror franchises and with a little help of Netflix he's meticulously developing them into international successes. While his Doll series seems Soraya's main priority, this second 3rd Eye film looks to diversify his oeuvre.

After Alia's sister Abel is killed by a ghost, she applies to work in an orphanage. There she meets Nadia, a girl who also has an opened third eye (i.e. she can see ghosts). Together they seek out the ghost that's been pestering Nadia at the orphanage, when they find her though they're unprepared for the great secret they're about to uncover.

The setting is spectacular and Soraya creates some moody horror moments. The problem with his films is that they are simply too long. There's nothing original here and two hours is too much for the material at hand. If he could just cut 20 to 30 minutes, I'm sure he'd end up a lot closer to the horror masterpiece he's dying to make.