1982 / 96m - USA
Action, Comedy
48 Hrs. poster


February 02, 2021


Early buddy cop flick that rests on the meager chemistry between its two protagonists. This might've been way more fun back when these films weren't as prevalent, but after seeing a gazillion of them it just doesn't do much for me anymore. Though I'm sure fans of the genre will have fun with this one.

Cates is a tough cop who barely survives a shooting. His colleagues aren't so lucky. Cates is given 48 hours to solve the case, to do that he might need the help of Hammond, an inmate who still has six months left in prison. Hammond convinces Cates he won't solve the case without him, and so they become partners.

Murphy is quite fun, Nolte is terrible. Whenever this film tries to be edgy it instantly loses a lot of its appeal, luckily the comedy is quite bearable and the pacing is decent, so Hill gets everything wrapped up within the 90 minutes limit. It's all very basic, but if you're looking for some easy amusement you could do worse.