2020 / 88m - China
Fantasy, Action
Strange Stories: Book of Six Realms poster


March 28, 2023


A fun little streamer epic. It's one of the many and people who've had their eye on the Chinese streamer market will certainly recognize the type of film they're dealing with here. Don't expect a blockbuster-type production, but a swift and genre-centric film that aims to please. If you're okay with that, Cong Zhao delivers a mighty fun flick.

The plot is like an umpteenth mix of familiar elements from like-minded films. The monster realm and the human realm are in constant battles with each other. This time around we're dealing with a bad guy named Cheng Shang, and his plot to rule the world. Enter some heroes who are tasked to save the world, and that's about it really.

The CG is less than great, but it is often used in a rather aesthetically pleasing way, so it's definitely not as bad as some of its peers. The demon worlds are pretty fun, the action is solid and the pacing is perfect. It's another solid genre film, the kind China is producing en masse these days.