2012 / 86m - UK
8 Minutes Idle poster


May 28, 2022


A cute little romcom with contemporary British flair. The film doesn't really try to tread new ground, but the characters are not your average romcom fodder, the plot's not quite as rosy as you'd expect, and the finale works. That's always a good sign the film did something right.

When Dan messes up, he's thrown out of his mother's home. With no place to go, he decides to sleep at the office. Dan works in a call center, a simple but easy job that doesn't bring any real responsibilities with it. Until his superior makes him team lead and gives him some nasty business to handle.

The actors do a good job, as the characters are rather pitiful but charming nonetheless. The film isn't overly funny and the ending hardly original, the setting and tomfoolery isn't quite romcom material though, which makes for a nice change of pace. Nothing too spectacular, but solid filler.