Also known as
Je8ileui Bam
South Korea [2021] - 115m
Directed by
Kim Tae-hyung
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July 12, 2021


A rather basic South-Korean horror film. Lately, South-Korea has been churning out some decent genre films, but somehow they lack the punch, flair and vitality to really rise above themselves. The 8th Night is a solid film, decent horror filler, but not very memorable or distinctive.

Buddha rids the world of a serious evil and separates his left and right eyes. Only when they get back together, the evil will rise again. And sure enough, some historian bumps into the left eye and kick-starts the process that may lead to the destruction of humankind. Luckily, some monks are willing to lay their lives on the line.

The horror is decent but expected, performances are solid, and the finale works well enough, but there's just too much drama in between, which hampers the pacing of the film. The film ends up with a runtime just under two hours, where 90 minutes would've been more than enough. Decent horror filler.