1980 / 109m - USA
9 to 5 poster


April 29, 2021


Didn't really have high hopes for this one, especially not with Dolly Parton being part of the main cast, but in some circles it's considered a classic USA comedy. I guess at one time this must've been the definition of funny, luckily those times are long gone. All that remains now is an endless succession of predictable and poorly executed jokes.

Three working women are tired of their bigot boss. On a little get together they dream up ways to humiliate and retaliate against him, but when one of their dreams becomes reality (their boss gets poisoned) they panic. Afraid someone will find out about their plans, they kidnap the body.

The main cast isn't very funny, the jokes are lame and lazy, the soundtrack is absolutely drab, the cinematography purely functional. Apart from the dream sequences, which at least stand out, there's nothing here really. Just a dire piece of mainstream comedy that didn't stand the test of time.