2019 / 95m - Taiwan
Crime, Horror
The 9th Precinct poster


November 18, 2022


You can't fault this film for being unambitious, but you can't fault it for many other things. The 9th Precinct seems to have taken some inspiration from its Hong Kong counterparts, meaning you get a horror film that is everything but scary. On top of that, the film is so messy it felt more like a recap from a TV series than an actual feature film.

Chen is a cop who is able to see ghosts. His superiors don't believe him, but when he's fired for his sometimes strange behavior, another cop scouts him. He takes Chen to a special floor in the police building, to be part of a division that deals in ghostly apparitions only. It's a job Chen was born to do.

The crime angle isn't so bad, but the comedy really feels off here. The ghosts look pretty terrible too, the pacing is all over the place and the film is wildly inconsistent. There are some decent scenes, but they never come together to create something worthwhile. An interesting failure, but a failure nonetheless.