2021 / 82m - China
Fantasy, Action
A Fairy Tale 2 poster


February 22, 2023


Wang Cong's sequel. Though like with most of these films, you have to question the real meaning of a sequel. It could've been released under any other name and most people probably wouldn't have made the connection. A Fairy Tale 2 is the umpteenth human vs demons realms fantasy/action streamer flick, the kind that's been swamping Chinese streaming services for a few years now.

The Purple Heaven clan (humans) is at war with the Black Mountain clan (demons). The Purple Heavens managed to capture the bride of the leader of the Black Mountains and plan to use her to stop the war between the two worlds. Not everyone in the Purple Heavens clan agrees with this and their leader has his work cut out for him.

What more is there to say about films like these at this point? The costumes and sets are pretty cool, the pacing and runtime are perfect and the action is solid. The stories are simple cut-and-paste jobs though and the CG is pretty atrocious. It's decent genre fun for those who love Chinese fantasy films, but that's where the appeal of this film ends.