2020 / 82m - China
Fantasy, Action
A Fairy Tale poster


February 14, 2023


The Chinese streamers' take on A Chinese Ghost Story. This late-80s classic film series stands as a milestone in fantasy/martial arts Hong Kong cinema, so it's really no surprise we're getting a Mainland China update. The streamers are thirsty for anything fantasy-related, an existing franchise comes with a built-in audience, so there's really no risk involved.

A virtuous warrior once separated the human from the demon kingdom. He reincarnates as a young teacher, who takes up his job in a small temple. When he runs into a female demon one day, he falls for her charms, and unaware of his past, he wants to protect her from harm. This way, he puts himself in the spotlight again, and pretty soon other demons are out to get him.

If they'd really make an effort, these films could probably match the quality of their Hong Kong counterparts. But the reliance on shoddy CG and cringe comedy make it hard to fully appreciate them. The sets and cinematography are plenty nice and the pacing is perfect, it's just that extra level of polish that is missing. Good filler though.