2020 / 80m - USA
Comedy, Horror
A Ghost Waits poster


June 24, 2022


DIY cinema. Shooting your film in black and white doesn't make it automatically more stylish, though I guess you have to cut these no-budget efforts at least some slack. There are some interesting ideas on display here, which is something, they just needed a better director and more capable crew to bring them to fruition.

Jack is hired to fix up a house before the new inhabitants move in. When he arrives he quickly notices something is off. The house is haunted, and the ghost wants him out, seeing him as her natural enemy. Jack has a job to do, and even though the ghost frightens him at first, he won't let her come between him and the job he has to finish.

The cinematography feels cheap, the performances are poor and none of the genre elements really work. The premise is fun though, and there are some novel elements to the haunted house lore you won't find elsewhere. If you can look past the poor finish it's a decent enough film, but it's not quite enough for me.